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Having a strong and consistent message that connects with voters is paramount. Your message must match the candidate and set you apart from your opponents. 

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Your website is the storefront to your campaign. You only have a few moments to connect with the voter. Websites must be bold, simple, and drive the voter to donate, volunteer, and vote! 

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Forget traditional radio and tv ad buys. Digital marketing using display ads and sponsored content gives you control over your budget and hyper- target your message to the voters directly. 

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Who we are


Campaign Mavericks started out of a passion to help political candidates run for office. Working with smaller budgets, we bootstrapped campaigns and found cost-effective ways to run campaigns. Now we deploy unconventional strategies to help mavericks win through old school tactics coupled with new technology. Campaign Mavericks is a service of Bridges Consulting, LLC. 


Campaign Mavericks is an unconventional political marketing firm that seeks to equip unconventional candidates to run for office that want to disrupt the status quo. We value the impact we have on election outcomes, the tenacity to do what it takes to win, resilience to adapt to changing circumstances, and partnerships that last beyond the election cycle.


We provide winning strategies to candidates by using digital and web communications, direct mail, fundraising, and marketing learned in politics and business. We deliver highly targeted strategies through changing virtual web platforms, emerging data sources, and new social media products that provide ways to reach targeted voters more cost-effectively than traditional methods. 


Meet the Mavericks

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Jonathan Bridges

Principal Consultant


Diane Cook

NC Consultant

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Tim Young

NC Consultant


Andrew Loposser

VA Consultant 


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